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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus (NDS)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus (NDS)
「遊戯王5D's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 - Over the Nexus」
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus

Release Date: 2011
Price: Unknown
System: Nintendo DS
Genre: Competitive Card Game

- Official Software for the World Championship 2011
- Features as new characters Ramon and Malcolm
- Revised Battle Screen
- (No more 3D-Sprites shown on the lower display?)

Promo Cards:

WC11-JP001 Flower of Death - Necro Fleur
WC11-JP001 Flower of Death - Necro Fleur
[Ultra Rare]
DARK/Plant - Effect/1/0/0
If this card is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 "Witch of Time Flower - Sorciere de Fleur" from your Deck.

WC11-JP002 Witch of the Time Flower - Fleur de Sorcière
WC11-JP002 Witch of the Time Flower - Sorciere de Fleur
[Ultra Rare]
DARK/Spellcaster - Effect/8/2900/0
When this card is successfully Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, activate this effect by selecting 1 monster in your opponent's Graveyard. Special Summon the selected monster to your field. The monster Special Summoned by this effect cannot attack the opponent player directly, and is destroyed during the End Phase of this turn. You can used the Effect of a "Witch of Time Flower - Sorciere de Fleur" only once per turn.

WC11-JP003 Z-ONE
WC11-JP003 Z-ONE
[Ultra Rare]
Normal Magic Card
When this set card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, select 1 Continuous or Field Magic Card in your Graveyard and add it to your hand.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011 - Over the Nexus
Dragon King - 19. Nov, 21:17


ABOUT TIME!!!,i'm kidding.
Can't wait to hear more about it.....even more to know the new promos!!

Volroc Destiny - 20. Nov, 01:20


If they get rid of that itll be that godawful worthless crap Tag Force (i only hate the english Tag Force cuz they remove the voice acting,which is a load of bull& we all know it) im not buying it if they remove the sprites, thats why i get WC, i love seeing the sprites...

have to admit, nice Starcraft reference though XD

Infernity Zero - 20. Nov, 14:52

Wonder what the 3 Promo Cards are? My guesses are:
Holding Hands Majinn
Sleeping Giant Thud
(the dice card that inflicted damage when Shooting Star Dragon was RFG'd)
Genesis of the Mechanical Emperors
Infinite Spirit Machine
Take Over (works exactly like it's supposed to)
Tech Genus - Blade Gunner MAXX-10000
Tech Genus Wonder Magician
Tech Genus Power Gladiator
possibly the Z-ONE card Sherry has?

Those are just some cards I think could be promos for this game.

Dragon King - 20. Nov, 16:22

I don't thinkTech Genus will be one of the cards...maybe.
Holding hand majinn and Sleeping giant thud,i think are more likely to happon.
I can see the new Mechanical Emperors being one of the promo.
Now that i think about it,maybe one of the cards could be a Tech Genus card.
The Tech Genus are going to be in the next pack after Storm of Ragnarok,anyway..right?
Infernity Zero - 21. Nov, 01:43

oh yeah i forgot about that pack!
If anything the MAXX-10000 would be a promo
Azuh - 21. Nov, 02:43

Cards I'm Expecting

- Gatling Ogre
- Big Cannon Ogre
- Full Armor Ogre
Book Promo: Longbarrel Ogre


- Assault Wheel
- Cannon Wheel
- Combat Wheel
Book Promo: Plunder Decoy


- Yomi Boat Watchman
- Yomi Frontier Guard
- Yomi Ghoul
Book Promo: Wicked King of Yomi - Mictlan Coatl


- Ancestor Bird
- Bewitched Butterfly
- Free Bird
Book Promo: Smoke Mirror

Infernity Zero - 21. Nov, 16:28

probably not the Ogres...too broken
Wheels are unlikely
Yomis are probable, but swap Mictlan Coatl with one of the Yomis (probably Frontier Guard as he only ends the Battle Phase; rather use Battle Fader).
The Free Nature Cards are a definite maybe, since you'll need to buy 3 copies of the game to get 3 copies of the cards, which fills Konami's pockets.
Volroc Destiny - 24. Nov, 04:42

not entirely...

i disagree, the orges arent THAT broken, get a Prime Material Dragon on the field& their boned, which is my specialty :P

Yomis arent likely at all, their barely playable outside the script, Free Nature cards, sound like a great idea, i hope the orges though, i thought they were a cool idea, any hope wed get 5cards instead of 3, like with Dark Duel Stories? :P
Infernity Zero - 25. Nov, 01:58

yeah, I guess that theyre only broken in a deck with the barrels and spell&traps. Yomis would be fun, and I thought they would be very fun to play. 5 cards would be awesome:
Machine Emperor Body Wisel Infinity
Wisel Top
Wisel Attack
Wisel Guard
Wisel Carrier
BOOK PROMO: Wisel Top 3 (robo-rabbit owns all!)
mattwo - 30. Nov, 01:39

lol yomis

At least one of the yomi monsters is banned on Duel Monsters Expert. Too broken...
ShiroRyu - 22. Nov, 12:12


needs a song.

Volroc Destiny - 22. Nov, 15:17

Looks worse....

this looks horrible, talk about a down grade in graphics :/
everyone hated the redesign of last years, but i hate this coming years, it looks awful, plus no sprites is lame, i hope its a optional feature, id like to have the sprites rather than a shitty new lay out thats worse :/

to make my point more obvious, look how much crap their cramming onto the bottom screen, way too much :/

i hope the top screen has a battle field with fully animated sprites or something, cuz i cant see any other reason to cram so much on the bottom screen :/

Black masked emporor - 25. Nov, 23:21

i dont know about the rest of you but if they put a decent number of missed cards (archlord zerato hasnt been in a world champ game for years if ever) and if they put alot more cards in this game like 7000 then the graphics downgrade will be worth it... although i never saw the point of the bottom screan sprites, i would prefer a duelist view of a 3d duel seeing your cards from the back.
Volroc Destiny - 26. Nov, 12:19

the point of the 3D sprites is FUN, something everyone on earth seems to have forgotten >.> not to mention is made sense to have summoning scenes for popular monsters, unlike Tag Force.

the sprites dont take that much room on the DS card, since WC graphics have sucked since after 2008, they could easily fit 7000 cards, & the monster sprites, especially with the even worse graphics we are getting this coming year, plus whats the point of making summoning scenes for certain monster,if we dont get the sprites, i hope its an optional kinda thing, which they shouldve done back in 2008,9,&10
but thats people for you,they overlook the obvious.

plus if you dont like the sprites get Tag Force, i get WC cuz i do like the sprites, it made the game more enjoyable for me, if i wanted to just play the boring old cards without any monsters shooting out of the cards, i can do that with some friends
Dragon King - 30. Nov, 15:47

From what i see,it looks like the 3-D sprites i care about are still their. I don't care about little,hard to see sprites on the bottom. Keep them on the top. And,Black masked emporor is right. It should be optional. But use WC to try new deck ideas and Train with my old ones to see if it would with the new cards out their.
masterofdarkness - 2. Dec, 13:09

machine emperor

cant wiat to make a deck out of these cards and make a deck of all the signers

ShiroRyu - 15. Dec, 12:01

So that's what Z-ONE does...

Pretty sweet, works for any deck that uses continuous/field spells (six sams, keepers, crystal beasts, machine emperors, karakuri/geartown, burn...)

The new Fleur cards look pretty cool too!

Infernity Zero - 15. Dec, 23:05

so one of the main cards in the series searches out a Field Spell? lmao people killed Sherry's parents for this card, just to find out it searches a Field Spell. Broken in Sx Sams, though. Set Z-ONE, MST Z-ONE, search for Gateway, then own for game.

P.S. SO CALLED Z-ONE being a Promo Card!
Volroc Destiny - 16. Dec, 02:09

The Promos....

Dammit talk about Spoilers for the next episode of 5D's :P couldnt this wait til next week? lol jk i dont mind, they wont be exactly Meta-game effecting cards, probably just collectors cards since Z(ed)-One is the useful one, sure you can use the other one with book of moon, or for synchro summons, but otherwise its pretty useless, since Card of Safe Return is banned *sigh*
Z(ed)-One is kinda cool, i hope its effect has more to it,like in the anime
but either way its got a cool effect, & it makes Double Cyclone even more useful

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