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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)
「遊戯王5D's TAGFORCE 5」
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 5 (PSP)

Release Date: 16th of September 2010
Price: 5,250 yen (inc. tax)
System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre: Competitive Card Game

- Uses the Official Card Game Master Rules.
- Features as new characters Yusei Fudo (Poncho ver.), Lua (Academia ver.), Luca (Academia ver.), Sherry Leblanc, the mysterious D-Wheeler (a.k.a. Bruno), Placido, Lucciano, and Jose.
- Features over 4,700 cards, including cards from Starstrike Blast, Structure Deck -Dragunity Drive-, and Extra Pack Volume 3.
- Features as Game Original cards Sherry's Floral Knight Deck and Bruno's Tech Genus Deck.
- Also features as Game Original cards the "Machine Emperor" series as it was in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime series (in other words, with each "Machine Emperor" monster being composed of five separate cards Special Summoned by a "Core" monster).
- New cinematic summoning and attack sequences feature Savior Star Dragon, Savior Demon Dragon, Blackfeather Dragon, Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites, Shooting Star Dragon, Scar-Red Nova Dragon, Fleur de Chevalier, Tech Genus Blade Gunner MAXX-10000, Machine Emperor Wisel Infinity, Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity, and Machine Emperor Grannel Infinity.
- The game's loading screen features Black Rose Witch or Kuribon.
- Features a Data Install function which will eliminate loading times.

- Using the game's UMD Recognition feature with the past entries in the Tag Force series will unlock the following in-game:

Tag Force 4: Lua (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Sin Stardust Dragon", "One Hundred-Eye Dragon" (Dark Synchro ver.), "Black Magician Girl" (alt. art), and "Cursed Prison".

Tag Force 3: Luca (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Great God Soldier of Obelisk", "Sin Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", and "Miracle Contact".

Tag Force 2: Aki Izayoi (Academia ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Winged God Dragon of Ra", "Power Wall", "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", and "Sin Red-Eyes Black Dragon".

Tag Force: Yusei Fudo (Poncho ver.) as an opponent, and the following cards: "Sky Dragon of Osiris", "Sin Truth Dragon", "Black Magician", and "Sabatiel, the Sage's Stone".

All of the above: The cards "Gatling Ogre" and "Berserker Soul".

TF05-JP001 Fleur Synchron
TF05-JP001 Fleur Synchron
[Ultra Rare]
LIGHT/Machine - Tuner/2/400/200
If this card is used as a Synchro Material Monster for a Synchro Summon and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower monster from your hand.

TF05-JP002 Fleur de Chevalier
TF05-JP002 Fleur de Chevalier
[Ultra Rare]
WIND/Warrior - Synchro - Effect/8/2700/2300
"Fleur Synchron" + 1 or more non-Tuner monster
Activate when your opponent activates a Magic or Trap Card. Negate the activation and destroy the card. You can only use this effect once during your turn.

TF05-JP003 Liberation
TF05-JP003 Liberation
[Ultra Rare]
Normal Trap Card
Activate when a monster on your side of the field is destroyed by battle and sent to the Graveyard. Select two face-up Monster on the field and return them to their owner's deck.

Duelist_C - 3. Jun, 17:15

Tag Force 5...


Wysten - 7. Jun, 19:40

Tech Genus is actually a fairly interesting archtype.

They replace themselves when destoryed by combat, offer draws, and offer the general Accel synchro, MAXX-1000. Out of all of accel synchros, MAXX-1000 is the only one that interests me aside from the dragon fetish pieces.

Volroc Destiny - 9. Jun, 23:22

Tech Genus

i hope they release the Real Life Versions of the Tech Genus

otherwise, Tag Force sucks,especially in the USA
so im not gonna waste my money on a PSP, and this.

ill wait for 2011 on the DS, it should be interestin,& since 4Kids wont dub season2,e shouldnt get any BS in it ^_^
popsmrico - 17. Jun, 06:03

Actually it has been announced that 4kids are gonna dub season 2. The first episode is to be aired on august 14.
ShiroRyu - 10. Jul, 00:17

Excited about these cards :P Especially since Fleur de Chevalier is summonable by Quickdraw. :D Fleur Synchron is cool too, I can think of awesome abuse with that. :P
Liberation seems cool too, but it's one of those "when your monster dies by battle" trap cards so probably won't see any play. :/

Infernity Zero - 10. Jul, 17:14

WTH do you mean we won't see Liberation too much??? It's an epic trap that returns monsters to the DECK!!!!!

Finally a fair chance against JD, DAD, Krystia and many more annoying SoaBs....
ShiroRyu - 12. Jul, 11:44

Yes, returning monsters to the deck sounds good, but there's 3 problems:

First, it has to return TWO monsters, no less. If your opponent only has 1, this card's going to be useless, or cost you to lose your own monster as well (netting you a -3 to your opponent's -1). With all the swarm decks around today this isn't too much of a problem, but it still exists.

Second, it requires your monster to die by battle. If your opponent has something like DaD or JD, this isn't likely to happen since it'll die by effect.

Thirdly, there are many better alternatives: D-Prison, Mirror Force, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, etc. True that most of them don't hit 2 monsters, but they also don't require your monster to die by battle, and they work when your opponent only has 1 monster. Keeping your monster is always preferable IMO since it gives you more options for the following turn (synchroing, tributing, etc.)
Black masked emporor - 24. Oct, 22:40


i agree even icarus attack can be better in some situations... well it used to be before starlight road anyway but then again gark bribe stops it quick enough too. so i suppose no card is perfect but with the afore mentioned starlight road, Liberation gets around it nicely especially in my town considering EVERYONE runs it. so all in allits down to preference and how your deck works

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