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Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OCG Starter Deck 2010

「遊戯王ファイブディーズ OCG スターターデッキ 2010」
Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's OCG Starter Deck 2010

Release: 20th March 2010
Price: 1050 Yen

1x Rulebook
1x Playing Guide
1x Duel Field

1x Deck (43 Cards)

- Optimized for beginners to simply learn and experience the different types of card effects
- While a condition is also the experience of Synchro Summons, the deck is shaped in the image of main character Yusei Fudo's deck.
- Starting with Yusei's latest Synchro Monster, a total of 5 brand new cards are included!
- Including cards that work together with the latest anime expansions.
- Includes many reprints to utilize the new cards right from the start.


darkmaster0001 - 30. Nov, 16:27

1st comment!

Wow i wonder whats inside!

Forrenz - 30. Nov, 16:48

Not too hopeful...

It sounds like the last two, but if it's like the '09 one, people will be upset...

TriforceMaster3000 - 30. Nov, 23:49


The starter decks are never really good, and seem to reprint a lot of useless cards. Yusei's cards are never really impressive anyways, besides a few here and there. Unless his new cards become amazing or this deck has some good reprints like some of the recent structures have had, then it won't be all that good.
RedEyesFan - 1. Dec, 01:38


atleast it confirm another Yusei DP to be coming out soon.

oh, plz print brionac into this deck... lol
Forrenz - 1. Dec, 03:05


If it has a new Synchro that Yusei uses, we won't see the monster in the show until a month before this comes out, but I'm pulling for another "Nitro" monster, just so [Nitro Synchro] has better use. Or even a "Turbo" one. Though after last week's episode, I'm gonna guess it uses "Change Synchron", or maybe even a monster that requires [Hyper Synchron].
bly272 - 14. Dec, 17:57


I really do not like the starter decks. they never have as good cards as the structure decks. besides that, the structure decks are pretty much the same things as the starters so might as well get the stucture decks...

RedEyesFan - 11. Feb, 11:28


now then they release new info on this deck...

let see..

JunkArcher + 3 level stealer + Synchro cancel=win.

and its a EARTH!!! not a DARK!!!
what in the world s happening?

Wysten - 11. Feb, 11:58

Junk Destroyer = Wow

Thats really impressive all things considered. Really makes tuningware + Machine dup after summoning Junk Synchron a real power play, draw 3 and nuke 3? Thats 2 cards used (Junk and Machine dup, assuming the tuningwear was in the grave) to gain 6 cards in advantage (Blow up 3, draw 3.) Though that is extreme combo, it's definately useable.

I could see it in Yusei turbo, discarding bolt hedgehog for quick draw synchron, normal summon tuningwear/deepsea rescue and then synch to draw and nuke one. Combos can varie, but gold sarcing Machine dup can make it tie into the above move...

Looks good to see that they are actually making use of the Junk theme now rather then over egoing stardust dragon. XD

InPassing - 11. Feb, 15:25

Oh, sure, Konami. Give Warrior decks a freaking semi-Gyzarus. (Immortal Bushi+Junk Synchron+Lv2 Warrior=Gyzarus, so you're pretty much spending 1 card) I can't help but wonder if Konami's plan is to balance the game by making every deck unbalanced.

Well, no, that's a bit of exaggeration (especially since everyone packs Starlight Road nowadays), but still...

ClearMetalVoltar - 11. Feb, 17:26


the new junk sychron is awesome! another step closer to a junk themed deck!
Dragon King - 11. Feb, 17:30

I don't have one..................
Dragon King - 16. Feb, 02:06

Junk Destroyer,looks cool.
Cooler then the other junk monsters.
Black masked emporor - 20. Feb, 15:59

actually ive found the ocg started decks and structure decks to be much better than the tcg releases i mean the warriors strike structure in the ocg came with exodius the ulimate forbidden lord(or what ever its called) we get tat we've had for years thrown in instead.
Dragon King - 23. Feb, 02:55

Is it me,or does Junk Destroyer,look like a super robot form a some anime?
I mean now that i have a good look at him.......

Black masked emporor - 24. Feb, 18:45

he looks like the g kaiser from tech romancer (a dreamcast game)
Infernity Magician - 6. Mar, 23:07

I want Junk Destroyer I have a deck that needs it a junk and debris deck & this is a good Combo Summon Junk Synchron bring back Tuninware play Machine Duplication summon 2 more then Synchro Summon Junk Destroyer draw 3 cards and destroy 3 cards but i'm sure you guys have already herd this. I am suprised that Junk Destroyer is an Earth type I would of thought he would be Dark Junk Warrior and Junk Archer were.8)

Black masked emporor - 8. Mar, 12:05

i think its to limit dark support a bit if this was to be dark attribute it would be a bit worse for the non dark decks but i cant see too much reason for the earth over dark .
Infernity Zero - 15. Mar, 21:17


Junk Archer was also EARTH type (not trying to burst your bubble or anything).
Infernity Magician - 10. Mar, 22:32

Wow Half Shut

Cool New Cards I like Half Shut and Syncron Explorer.

jooneo - 4. Apr, 06:40

Synchron Explorer

Yes, I like synchron explorer since it can bring back a quick synchron, negate it's effect to instantly summon almost any lv 7 (or a blackrose dragon), or if there was a quiltbolt hedgehog in the grave, an instant mist wurm!!
With starlight road in the game, returning cards to the hand will be a safer way to clear the field.

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