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Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator

Release: 26th March 2009
Price: 5250 Yen

- World Championship 2009 software
- 5D's Story-Mode
- In addition to dueling so you can gain useful items and cards by searching the map, there are also things set up to allow you to use your head.
- with Riding-Duels built-in, including Speed World and various Speed Spells (moreover new versions like Speed Spell - Raigeki and Speed Spell - Harpie's Feather Duster)
- about 2800 cards, up to Crimson Crisis, SD16, Duel Terminal 04 and Promo cards such as Stardust Dragon/Buster, Genesic Dragon, Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and Shield Wing.

WC09-JP001 Infernity Daemon
[Ultra Rare]
DARK/Demon - Effect/4/1800/1200
When you draw this card while you have 0 cards in your hand, by showing this card to your opponent Special Summon it to your field. Also, when this card is Special Summoned successfully, and if you have 0 cards in your hand, you can add 1 "Infernity" card from your deck to your hand.

WC09-JP002 Infernity Dwarf
[Ultra Rare]
DARK/Warrior - Effect/2/800/500
If you have 0 cards in your hand, while this card is face-up on the field, when your monster attacks a Defense Position monster, if the attacking monster's ATK exceeds the DEF of that monster, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points.

WC09-JP003 Infernity Guardian
[Ultra Rare]
DARK/Demon - Effect/4/1200/1700
If you have 0 cards in your hand, while this card is face-up on the field, it can't be destroyed neither by battle nor by card effects.
Verfalk - 14. Nov, 18:03


Well, it seems this is the 2nd 5d's game. Hope we get a version for a PS2.

P.S. First comment, yay! :D

Forrenz - 14. Nov, 19:07

PS2 version?

Did you not catch the "World Championship" part?
I'm certain this'll be a DS game.
D-man - 15. Nov, 01:14


PS2 is kind of old now anyway, if we get another Yu-Gi-Oh! game it should be for the next gen consoles like the Xbox360 or PS3. How great would the visuals be? Even the Wheelie Riders thats coming up for the Wii should have decent graphics that the PS2 probably couldn't manage.
darkgardna - 15. Nov, 18:48


ya i seriously doubt it'll be for the PS2 they're hyping the next gen stuff now, it'll be a DS game, but i hope they do come out with a 360 game.
Verfalk - 14. Nov, 19:27


Yeah, I missed that part. :/ Too bad, then...

Joenen - 15. Nov, 00:11

excuse my ignorance but world championship games are DS exclusives? Cool. Hopefully this will come with good promos.
D-man - 15. Nov, 01:12


Yeah they're all DS exclusives. Finally we're getting a new World Championship game. It's called "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator", but like "Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters (World championship 2006)" It'll probably have the words "World Championship 2009" underneath the name.

I hope this game is better than 2008, i mean 2007 and 2008 were mostly just copy-pasted with a few more cards. Dont talk about Duel World, that was just disappointing.
Anyway looking forward to
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Stardust Accelerator (World Championship 2009).
ShiroRyu - 15. Nov, 02:11

Well it does say 5D's story, so I reckon it'll have a world championship mode and a story mode (similar to GX Duel Ccademy and Nightmare Troubadour maybe).
Main thing I'm looking forward to is playing lightlords on the DS. n_n;
Forrenz - 15. Nov, 18:00

Oh yeah!

Man, there's been a tonne of cards released since the last one came out, huh? Not even PTDN was usable in the games from last year, and with such a long time between release, we may have a whole 5 sets of cards to have added, plus the Duel Terminal and TCGX cards...
Phew... That'd be at least 500 new cards!
D-man - 16. Nov, 07:21

How many cards were in 2008?

My 2008 save file got deleted and i just wanted to know, how many cards were in YGO World Championship 2008?
rohitvip - 15. Nov, 07:31


The current cards like Lightsworns, Dark version monsters, Gladiators, Bommer machine cards, Synchro monsters, Divine monsters etc... are available in this game?

Forrenz - 15. Nov, 17:35

CSOC at least

With such a late release notice, like with TF3, It'll likely have up to CSOC at least, though possibly CRMS as well, since it is just released a day after this info was released.
As well as the Duel Terminal cards too, hopefully - Brionac's had way too big an impact on the metagame to NOT be in here.

As for the promos, I'm pretty sure the last 2 WC games had cards straight from GX, so perhaps we'll be seeing 5D's cards that haven't been released yet, or are yet to be used (although I think most are as of CRMS...)
Perhaps Aki's Phoenician duo plus 'Rose Tentacles'?
rohitvip - 17. Nov, 20:57


I think they should put up this feature like downloading new cards over the internet whenever newly cards were introduced. That way we don't have to unnecassarily wait for another release.

TriforceMaster3000 - 17. Nov, 21:46

The problem with that though is since this is on DS, the cards would have to be on the DS Card's memory already, which at the most we could download one new set, but there's no way Konami will have thought out the next few sets of cards and put them in the game. It would be different if the DS was a CD-based system and used memory cards/sticks.

Besides, even if they could do it on the DS, they'd still be screwed if a new card mechanic came out which the game has no idea about. Like, what if a year after this game they decided to release Dark Synchros for example? The game would have to recognize both the cards AND the mechanic in order to utilize it, and it just can't happen.
D-man - 18. Nov, 07:13


Gotta Love that logo. With the "World Championship 2009" at the bottom. It looks as though this game has an actual story. (Unlike 2007/2008)

Forrenz - 18. Nov, 08:44

Sweet! X)

That's the best logo for ANY Yu-Gi-Oh! game I've seen!
And finally! They finally set up a story mode the way I've always wanted to play it. Though, I suppose it'll turn out to follow all of Season 1. So it could turn out pretty fun.
ShoDan - 18. Nov, 11:59


Well the DSI is coming soon and that uses SD cards, so they can use that for new cards. And maybe dark syncro's will be anime only, cause we haven't seen buster mode in the anime so that must be its replacement. But even if they can they wont do it, because they wont get any money. Every year they make a new game and it only has like 10 new cards but everybody still buys it. But this game looks new and interesting so i am gonna buy it

ShiroRyu - 18. Nov, 18:02

Either that or they could make a card similar to the R4. People could download new sets either on their DS or on their PC and save them to a micro-SD card, put it in the game cartridge and the game would load card data from that.
Anyway this game looks pretty neat, I like the 3D graphics this game has. Also being able to play lightlords will be sweet. So I'm getting it. :3
ShiroRyu - 1. Dec, 00:05

Hmm then again I've thought of a big problem of downloading cards - unless it's direct to the DS card then some people may edit cards, thus breaking the game. (I'd know I'd try given the chance. ^^;)
SetoKaiba - 18. Nov, 17:31

NDS Game

I think it's an DS game from the looks of the screenshot. It looks like a game from the ps1 like Resident Evil Deadly Silence(aka RE1 for NDS) for the NDS.

fresh boii mick - 30. Nov, 15:02

its 4 ds

this game is obvious for the ds if u click on the second pic theres a ds icon

Diehard_Guy - 18. Dec, 12:04


That's all of them to be released?

TriforceMaster3000 - 21. Dec, 06:04

New scans

I dunno how reliable these are, and I'm no translator so I have no idea what the pages say, but I recently found these scans from the recent issue of Vjump that show screens and stuff about this game.

Sorry if this is out of place or anything, I just thought I'd post this seeing as how I didn't see any updates on here.

ShadowSlayerX - 24. Dec, 02:04

Sweet screens, dude!
It appears as though the DS games are now going to fall in the same footsteps as the PSP games with the more authentic show-like Dueling!

Can't wait!! :D

hoiguyyalp1 - 18. Jan, 19:35


Now I attuatly wanted to buy the game this time.
Probably not going to be good.
But what the hell is these poops up feces PROMOS.

elsonnys - 3. Feb, 11:42


i tink they should create yugioh 5D for psp!

Diehard_Guy - 20. Feb, 12:50


Why untill CRMS? They couldn't at least put RGBT in there?

WarpKnight - 22. Feb, 22:14

"At least"?

I'm sure they've been working on this awhile - the last DS game had up to GLAS, so having an extra 500 cards isn't really something to gripe about.
Besides, it'd be tough to add ANOTHER 80 or so at, in terms of game production, the last minute.

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