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Structure Deck 25 - Thunderous Descent of the Blue-Eyed Dragon

Structure Deck 25 - Thunderous Descent of the Blue-Eyed Dragon

Release: June 2013
Price: 1050 Yen (incl. tax)

- 41 Cards (number of new cards unknown)
- Rulebook
- Playing Guide
- Duel Field

- Deck revolves around "Blue Eyes White Dragon".
- Cards are increased to 41 (2 Ultra Rare, 2 Super Rare).
- Also includes many reprints.

SD25-JP005 Blue-Eyed Maiden
SD25-JP005 Blue-Eyed Maiden

LIGHT/Spellcaster - Tuner/1/0/0
You can activate this effect when this card is selected as attack target. Negate that attack, and change this card's Battle Position. Afterwards, you can select and Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. Also, you can activate this effect when this face-up card on the field becomes the target of a card effect. Select and Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand, Deck or Graveyard. You can only use 1 effect of "Blue-Eyed Maiden" per turn.

SD25-JP006 Guard of the Storm Dragon
SD25-JP006 Guard of the Storm Dragon
LIGHT/Dragon - Tuner/1/500/200
During your Main Phase, you can equip this Monster that you control or in your hand to a Dragon-Type Normal Monster you control as Equip Card. While this card is equipped to a Monster as Equip Card, when the equipped Monster attacks a Denfese Position Monster, and its ATK exceeds that Monster's DEF, inflict the difference as Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points. Also, if the equipped Monster would be destroyed, you can destroy this card instead.

SD25-JP020 Dragon's Mausoleum
SD25-JP020 Dragon's Mausoleum

Normal Magic Card
Send 1 Dragon-Type Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. If that Monster sent to the Graveyard was a Dragon-Type Normal Monster, you can send 1 more Dragon-Type Monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. The effect of "Dragon's Mausoleum" can only be activated once per turn.

SD25-JP021 Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon
SD25-JP021 Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon

Quick-Play Magic Card
Select 1 Dragon-Type Normal Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it. Only 1 "Thunderous Roar of the Silver Dragon" can be activated per turn.

SD25-JP034 Castle of Dragon Souls
SD25-JP034 Castle of Dragon Souls

Continuous Trap Card
Once per turn, you can activate this effect by removing from play 1 Dragon-Type Monster in your Graveyard, and selecting 1 Monster you control. The selected Monster gains 700 ATK until the End Phase. Also, when this face-up card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 of your removed from play Dragon-Type Monster. You can control only 1 face-up "Castle of Dragon Souls" at the same time.

SD25-JP040 Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon
SD25-JP040 Blue-Eyes Silver Dragon

LIGHT/Dragon - Synchro - Effect/9/2500/3000
Tuner + 1 or more Non-Tuner Normal Monster
Activate this effect when this card is successfully Special Summoned. Until the End of the next turn, Dragon-Type Monster you control cannot become the target of or destroyed by card effects. Also, once per turn, you can activate this effect during your Standby Phase. Select 1 Normal Monster in your Graveyard and Special Summon it.


SD25-JP001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 「青眼の白龍」 Tablet Version [Ultra Rare]
SD25-JP002 Rabidragon 「ラビードラゴン」
SD25-JP003 Alexandrite Dragon 「アレキサンドライドラゴン」
SD25-JP004 Guard of Fembell 「ガード・オブ・フレムベル」
SD25-JP007 Darkstorm Dragon 「ダークストーム・ドラゴン」
SD25-JP008 Genesis Dragon 「創世竜」
SD25-JP009 Mirage Dragon 「ミラージュ・ドラゴン」
SD25-JP010 Divine Dragon Apocalypse 「神竜 アポカリプス」
SD25-JP011 Hard Armed Dragon 「ハードアームドラゴン」
SD25-JP012 The White Stone of Legend 「伝説の白石」
SD25-JP013 Kaibaman 「正義の味方 カイバーマン」
SD25-JP014 Herald of Creation 「創世の預言者」
SD25-JP015 Kaiser Seahorse 「カイザー・シーホース」
SD25-JP016 Honest 「オネスト」
SD25-JP017 Shining Angel 「シャインエンジェル」x2
SD25-JP018 Maxx C 「増殖するG」
SD25-JP019 Level Eater 「レベル・スティーラー」
SD25-JP022 Burst Stream of Destruction 「滅びの爆裂疾風弾」
SD25-JP023 Dragon Canyon 「竜の渓谷」
SD25-JP024 Terraforming 「テラ・フォーミング」
SD25-JP025 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 「巨竜の羽ばたき」
SD25-JP026 Trade In 「トレード・イン」
SD25-JP027 Cards of Consonance 「調和の宝札」
SD25-JP028 White Elephant's Gift 「馬の骨の対価」
SD25-JP029 Symbols of Duty 「戦線復活の代償」
SD25-JP030 One for One 「ワン・フォー・ワン」
SD25-JP031 Monster Reborn 「死者蘇生」
SD25-JP032 Soul Exchange 「クロス・ソウル」
SD25-JP033 Enemy Controller 「エネミーコントローラー」
SD25-JP035 Daemon's Chain 「デモンズ・チェーン」
SD25-JP036 Kunai with Chain 「鎖付きブーメラン」
SD25-JP037 Damage Condenser 「ダメージ・コンデンサー」
SD25-JP038 Call of the Haunted 「リビングデッドの呼び声」
SD25-JP039 Ruler's Penetrating Gaze 「王者の看破」
lightsworn91 - 23. Feb, 00:37

Wow, so now Blue-Eyes is getting the structure deck treatment?, seems interesting and wonder what new Blue-Eyes support there will be.

EXTRIMAKER - 23. Feb, 12:07

thoughts on this.

going by the fact that the only sd deck with 41 cards was the samurai deck in wich the 41 card was the extra deck monster,and also including the fact that blue eyes has already a tuner monster but no synchro for it to use,and also in the newst booster series theiy statet to want to make new synchro monsters that are better then before.we could expect a new synchro dragon typ monster that needs the "legend of the white" as a tuner monster,the only thing i m not so sure of yet is what level it will have???,and what its effect will be ect???...but i m very sure that because the deck revolves around the white dragon,it will be easy to summon,i think the reprints on this are pretty clear:

1xblue eyes per deck.
1xthe spell card that works like raigeki when blue eyes is on field(forgett the name).
1xthe legend of the white.
1xcards of consonance.
1xdragon rejuvenation.
1xluster dragon.
1xREDMD(so blue eyes can be summon more easy)

well and the other cards i m not sure of,but i let myself get suprised.

Black masked emporor - 23. Feb, 12:35

no one near me will be getting this when it hits the tcg because i will buy ALL of them

ShiroRyu - 24. Feb, 01:48

I predict Blue-Eyes White Dragon will be in here.

Red-Eyes Darkness Girl - 25. Feb, 22:19

Plot Twist

It won't have a Blue-Eyes in the TCG version, which will be released on April 1st.
Dragon King - 26. Feb, 03:03


Since I feel I have been playing this card game since almost the beginning... I feel this is long over due!
With all the new cards...both typed an arch-type, I feel that the classics which started everything are left out to die. Despite what you may say, The Blue-eyes White Dragon is a legendary creature that deserves respect. Back in the early days if you want to make a Dragon deck,You had to have a Blue-eyes White Dragon....or be Laugh at.
I know over the years he has gotten some support. In fact him and dark magician both gotten an XYZ Upgrade...... Which before anyone says anything....NO!....I doubt it will ever be in this deck. Anyway to make a long story short I'm actually looking forward to this deck.

Black masked emporor - 9. Mar, 23:46

My thoughts are that it will be a kick ass synchro since blue eyes still hasnt got one im predicting a level 9 then again it maay just be alot of blue eyes support and the extra car could be ultimate but I hope not

mak31589 - 11. Mar, 01:13

So much awesome! I'll be waiting for a Dark Magician or Red-Eyes structure deck next!
Also, maybe the 41st card will be an Xyz that supports BEWD in someway? Detach 2 SS a BEWD from hand, deck or grave?

Black masked emporor - 11. Apr, 19:01

Love the synchro darkness metal like with limits I see this in heiratic decks but on as a fun build but with metal at 1 silver might be a good thing. So getting loads of these

EXTRIMAKER - 15. Apr, 14:14

about silver dragon

I must wonder,why is it that the synchro monster that is createt with
blue eyes and legend of the white do have the exact reversed states of the original blue eyes?
i mean blue eyes is a offensive monster so why making his synchro a defensive monster?
even red eyes darkness metal dragon is a offensive why not this one?.

Black masked emporor - 16. Apr, 10:50

I am guessing red eyes darkness was the reason for this, on this format I could easily get 2 or 3 of this guy out in a turn but they wouldn't get game on their own even with 3 I could even burst stream but the opponent would have 500 lp left. However if the atk was 3000 it would have been, so my guess is they did it so it doesn't become spam 3 = game like darkness.

EXTRIMAKER - 16. Apr, 21:32

well that is a good point i guess,but then again having 3 of those guys out is game anyway as far as the opponent do not have cheap insector combo or dark hole or somthing else to kill all 3 of them in one turn and with 500lp left theiy is not much to counter those guys.but still i see your point.

Black masked emporor - 17. Apr, 23:28

Actually they wouldn't even need that they just need 2 cards to come back and nearly every deck runs them dark hole & monster reborn. After that 500 points might be enough to win. Especially if its dragons. Although i have had a thought Inverse Universe.

Edit: get 3 silver dragons activate inverse universe and you have 3 3000atk monsters
EXTRIMAKER - 18. Apr, 21:26

Lol maxx C in a DECK awsome! and also 2new tuners of wich one can negate any attack and summons as a 1+ a white dragon from either deck or graveyard even from hand if needed and the same happens if it gets target awsome!,the second tuner is not so much awsome as the maiden but still usefull.

all in all i can see Blue eyes becoming a realy playable deck.

Black masked emporor - 19. Apr, 22:02

Blue eyes maiden looks like kisara.

Black masked emporor - 21. Apr, 11:22

Hoping for some good spell support, maybe a blue-eyes only pot of greed, before you say anything red dragon got one that was actually pretty good.

EXTRIMAKER - 21. Apr, 23:44

well a pot of greed that do not allowe you to summon any monsters until your opponent next endphase is actually pretty BAD...
Even pot of duality do not have such a hard restriction.But yea i know what you mean but then again trade in and card of consonance fit just perfect for this deck,theiy is no need for a blue eyes only Draw card.

Black masked emporor - 22. Apr, 00:41

I didn't mind that no specials after activation effect I run 3 in one of my decks due to how it runs I either end up playing 2 in a turn or using them for summoner monk. But I know how trade in works but for the blue eyes deck in building discarding blue eyes isn't an option so I only run 3 consonance (I also run debri and phalanx) but it needs more speed
endymion99 - 10. May, 22:56


I ask please that this deck structured konami arrives not at tcg:

The reason is simple, the TCG has had many dragon type decks apart from those that have gone on about, we do not want those dragons because otherwise if this request, the case would not buy from konami nothing in punishment for it is well known that here in the TCG will need a deck spellcasters structured, that four years ago they do not find one here that I make this clarification.


EXTRIMAKER - 11. May, 13:27


dude serously shut the fuck up.Not only do your entire argument not make sense
because theiy are people that like to have a "playable white dragon deck"
But also your grammer is soooo absolut terrible that half of your text
is not understandable beside you claime we need another speclaster besides
the one we already have?,like if,spellbook is not strong enough?.
then whats about gravekeeper theiy are still spellcaster or fortune lady?

so please dude do yourself and us all a favor and shut the fuck up.
because you got no vailed points whats so ever-.-.
defensor_spellcaster1 - 12. May, 06:33


endymion user has something that I also share, dragon archetype cards, are already well reproduced here, suffice to say that the casters are not structured deck, regardless of any expansion would have come in, so I say it is only for the OCG, and finally Shut you fagots that endymion indeed telling the truth.

EXTRIMAKER - 17. May, 15:53


dude sd decks are meant to make a weak archtype to a compitive deck.
and many peopel always wantet to play blue eyes white dragon(wich was not playable until this deck was made)
as a compitive deck and also including the fact that the creater of the game itself
has blue eyes as its favorite card makes that even more vailed.

spellcaster on the other hand have more then enough cards to be compititve
theiy also had 2sd decks already so theiy is no need to push them even more.

AND AGAIN NO SHUT THE FUCK UP endymion talks deep shit he wants more support for spellcaster wich already have good decks to begin with like spellbook and gravekeeper ect.

and as far as it goes we always get the cards from ocg even if this deck would not come out now in tcg we sure would get the cards in 2-3 years anyway

and beside konami knows that peopel always liked blue eyes and that dragons in general sell well so theiy sure will make this deck to get released in tcg and ocg.

and faggots like you and endymion that don t know shit about the game won t change that.So do us all a favor and shut up and simply don t complain because if you don t like it than simply don t buy it.
Black masked emporor - 19. May, 11:41

This deck is pretty good, plus with the reprints of cards like honest, maxx c, dragon ravine etc I am betting good money the haters of dragons WILL buy the deck considering the alternatives are £.£ . To be honest I do agree there are lots of different dragon support, BUT this deck was result of older players like me and Takahashi sensei and many others that would like to build a playable classic deck my guess is the next one may be a dark magician deck, fingers crossed because if I'm right, 3 for a present for a friend of mine who loves dark magician.

EXTRIMAKER - 19. May, 16:37

Black masked emporor

finaly someone that knows what he says,i agree with you in all terms.

and i also could think of a DM SD deck considering nobody is going to play DM
soon except when he got a powerfull SD deck(because honestly all of DM prevous sd support was crap).

Black masked emporor - 20. May, 01:45

they weren't crap they were just stabs in the dark during slower formats at that point they had little experience in beefing up types, dragons got loads of bum support then good support and boom dragons got awesome, they have more experience with them now, with spellbooks etc, so if they take another run at it I am guessing it will be awesome like this one is.
EXTRIMAKER - 20. May, 15:18

well the first spellcaster deck was bad...even for its owen time.
the second one(wich was with endymion) was much better.
at the end i agree if theiy try to make a decent deck for DM
then he will turn out to be playerable.

endymion99 - 20. May, 18:44


LORD "EXTRIMAKER" how many times I'll have to say the same at first stop mistreating you users is not a God, or anything like that, second I did not m, and will put us discuss about the same point, just that structured deck, do not prefer or want here in the TCG, I remind you that here the archetype of this supremely dragons and strengthened, first with the deck structured "DRAGUNITY EGION", this deck came out on March 8, 2012, after the May 8, 2012, goes on sale the "BOOSTER PACK" called "GALACTIC OVERLORD", where also depart new dragon archetype "hieratic" while in the same year comes the deck structured called "DRAGON'S COLLIDE" finally the may 17 th llamdo get the booster pack "LORD OF GALAXY TACHYON" where cards are also elemental dragons, then you can not say that the archetype "spellcasters" had more support than the dragons. But here is of course as you try to move to place that archetype influences the strength in the TCG, monotomo want to play on a single archetype, therefore the player and those who support me say NO to this deck of dragons here respective evidence, we want a deck estrucutrada of "PROPHECY AND spellbook".

EXTRIMAKER - 21. May, 12:05

You are soooo wrong.

1.First of all learn to speak PROPER english dude-.- serously even i m not from a english
speaking Country but i m still able to write proper english and not some very bad english
that i barly can understand.

2.dude latly i was reading the forum ectg(wich also is linked on this site)
and theiy peopel make it clear that PROPHECY is already overpowered with
fate and Judgment so theiy is no need to push this deck even more.

3.I can agree that e-dragons are powerfull as fuck but theiy are NOT
the only dragon monsters out.and dragunity can t be compared to them by all means
because dragunity when it came out made no big impact at all,it was of course very
much played by many peopel but i still wooped its ass with lightsworn.
also gravekeeper do not relate to marik from the series theiy just made
his deck into gravekeeper because gravekeeper was very popular at that time
and the original marik deck was not really a playable deck to begin with

i know that because at some point in my life i buyed the japanese original version of it
and it was very different from the version we did get in tcg.

also the white dragon is a sub-archtype of dragon that needed support very well.
and therefore did get a sd deck also because takahashi the creater of yugioh
has the blue eyes as his favorit and konami wants to make money and
theiy obvously know better what the community wants then you do.

because from the very first day of yugioh EVERYONE wantet to play blue eyes
compitite and NOW its possible,and a retard like you that can t either write proper engilsh

nor is able to understand that spellcaster don t need any support at all won t change it.

serously dude konami won t even give a fuck about your comment even IF

theiy would read it(wich theiy never will) because theiy just publish theiy new cards on this site

theiy never comment or answer here in the first place.also Don t answer IF you contact them

i tryed it so i know theiy don t answer.

so again: don t BUY it if you DON T like it-.-.

But don t be a retard and spam all your shit all over the place.

because nobody from konami cares in the first place what YOU as a singel person want.

theiy only care what the ENTIRE community cares about.

and the communitys do not want spellcasters to get even more spellbooks

and e-dragons will get hit by the list anyway and white dragon needed a sd deck.

i mean it was Obvious that he would get one:

1.dark magican got one. eyes got one.

3.and now white dragon got one

so yea please shut up because nobody except for you
and your stupid so called "follower" cares about what you have to say.

Konami has published those cards in this site already and theiy will publish the deck in tcg

because all the card of sd decks get to tcg anyway be it thought this deck or in 2years with secret rare
thought a booster the matter of fact that those cards are meant to play makes it impossible for everyone

to not get the cards to tcg.
endymion99 - 20. May, 19:00


also as I said before curious and relevant data four years ago we have no structured deck spellcasters, because the final product was structured deck "SPELLCASTER COMMAND" came out in 2009 and from 2009 to 2013 takes this Unlike four years while the dragons do not have that same difference barely 1 year and that. So this product is not viable for the TCG, Konami only, I ask if you are still seeing this commentary makes this product unique for the TCG OCG but again we do not want, do not want to eventually cover also clarified that GRAVEKKEPER without either literally belongs to the archetype, it is not the same as not using magic or anything is but it's called the product "STRUCTURE DECK MARIK" because it has to do with that character yugioh and not spellcasters.

and the other players who say foolish remember here props are not the only ones, there is a great opposition against the dragons between them and finally if I end up getting this product, as any user if the company dissatisfied customers olle is best removed and so in my case I will not strengthen as archetypes that customers like us, as it should be.

EXTRIMAKER - 21. May, 12:10

like i said BEFORE

Nobody except for you and your "followers"
cares about this topic.any good player would like to
have the blue eyes deck and even if not everyone likes it.
then still theiy are enough fans of the bluey es in europa and usa.
and around the world that like me would like to have this deck.
the very fact that out of 30comments(including this post and my last respond to you)
you are and one other dude means 2! people are against this deck but everyone else
wants it shows how MEANINGLESS YOU ARE.
i mean its like you two vs more then 20peopel you serously think
that you have somthing to say if everyone else dissagrees with you?0.o

are you really that retared?.
endymion99 - 22. May, 00:03


Mr. extrimaker you are totally wrong not everyone is in your favor, as you as well says this only I have 2 and the rest of the world has never ruled, now clear as I told you before creating a GOD and believes that have much support, just to conclude this I say only the following comments orita in all speculation and after all, not declare victory because this deck has not been announced for TCG and while that instead of fighting with a simple awkward, obsessed with their dragons I will try to move directly influences with Konami, so therefore I will make sure that deck not come here to TCG and at the end we will see who wins and who does not.

Black masked emporor - 22. May, 15:23

I doubt anything you do will change their mind numbers show that dragons sell in the tcg and that they are current tournament decks so they'll still release the deck because they WILL sell, i know this because i will be buying 10 of them at least as i am a blue eyes collector and will use 3 to build a blue eyes deck 6 for other decks and 1 for collection.
Black masked emporor - 22. May, 16:26

I wonder what the last 3 cards are?

Black masked emporor - 24. May, 14:51

SD25-JP002 is rabidragon and SD25-JP009 is Mirage dragon but still don't know what 8 is.

Black masked emporor - 2. Jun, 10:08

There are 10 cards in this deck what I want that isn't the new blue eyes stuff(which I also want), This deck is going to be awesome so looking forward to this.

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